Film Analysis: Citizen Kane

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Citizen Kane, Orson Welles’ cinematic classic, is a film that centers on a group of reporter’s investigation into the meaning of Charles Foster Kane’s last uttered word, “Rosebud.” Citizen Kane ' brings into light many social problems between countries, relationships, and also between competing newspaper companies. It brings into light how a newspaper should react and also brings the corruption of politics. War was breaking out in Europe and throughout the entire film Kane states there will be no war. He ignores the fact people are being killed, tortured, and rounded up like livestock. In the beginning the film introduces to us to a single word, Rosebud. The audience, of course, has no clue what the word means. Kane did great and elaborate things and his life was publicized by his guardian. It is very important in the scheme of things because after Kane 's second wife divorced him he became a recluse and people had that curiosity about what he was doing in Xanadu. The audience seems to go with this theme of privacy and can relate. This theme can be carried over to today and the day to day life of current celebrities. There were a lot of paradoxes in the movie that turned back to that critical moment of Kane 's life when his guardian took him away from his home and Rosebud. The audience does not find out till the last scene whom or what…show more content…
Kane is a successful man who has loves of everything. He buys things in quantity and yet at the same time seems to not love them as he should. He has two wives who love him, but it does not appear he loves them. He buys them anything they want, but does that count? The film reaches down deep inside of a person and shows what the human condition of love and repression can do to a person. Kane was taken as a child to become a great person and it is successful. Or is it? Kane achieves great success, but in the long run dies an empty and lonely
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