Essay on Film Analysis of Minority Report

Essay on Film Analysis of Minority Report

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“According to the traditional view of man, what distinguishes him from animals is his freedom to choose between one course of action and another, his freedom to seek good and avoid evil. The animal has no freedom, but is determined by physical and biological laws; like a machine, the animal responds whenever the appropriate stimulus is present” (Bolles 1963, p.182). In Minority Report (2002) one of the main issues is free will versus determinism. Is there some point that people can and do change their mind while committing an act? In the movie, the police have the right to arrest and charge citizens that have been determined to be committing a crime by the three precogs. So the debate on whether or not precrime should be implemented nation wide is based on the debate of free will or determinism. There are many different agreements in scholarly work for free will, as well as many others for determinism; all from many different viewpoints. This paper will outline the free will arguments and viewpoints, determinism arguments and viewpoints, and Rafters views on Minority Report (2002) and how it fits in with crime films.
The first argument for free will is what one could call the quantum mechanics argument. This argument is about the uncertainty principle and how human nature cannot be statistically determined because atomic physics and human behavior do not follow the same laws (Bolles 1963). Another argument described by Bolles (2002) is the sense of freedom of man. Man’s awareness is the creation of free will, so that alone would rule out determinism. Another problem with predicting human behavior is that people are all different artistically and intellectually, so everyone will react differently (Bolles 2002). In Bolles w...

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...tive used in the film.

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Essay on Film Analysis of Minority Report

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