Essay about The Film About The Journey of Man

Essay about The Film About The Journey of Man

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A Genetic Odyssey’ is an interesting movie to watch. There were many thoughts that passed my mind as I watched the movie. First of all, it was interesting to visualize the movie back in the day, assuming how one single man lived in Africa approximately sixty thousand years ago. It is quite amazing to have traced the records so far behind to find that Adam could be the father of homo sapiens after all. The better question arises when there are different sizes, races and shapes to each human being.
The secrets opened up the hidden genetic code as shown in the movie. In talking about descendants it is an interesting thought to think that all human races are related in one way or the other if the genetic code has revealed that the human race started off with Adam and Eve. This movie seemed to be like a tour that took me back to the historical times into a journey of early humankind. The biggest wonder is the fact that though human race may have been related to each other, how come there is so much difference in size and shape. A people belonging to the west are pinkish in color while the people in the east tend to have much darker skin.
This also amuses me to think about my own genealogical structure. The family tree only takes some years far behind, it really would be interesting to get a long lineage of family tree to find that ancestors may have migrated from ancient places that I may not know of. I did not think much about the family lineage up until I saw the movie. This movie in a way inspired me to dig out my family history and find out who my forefathers were. Science created so many confusions and after watching this movie, I can say that perhaps science studies are only imaginative. The real truth is Darwin may have faile...

... middle of paper ... when I watched this movie. It was a nice journey for me too to imagine the ancestral truth and to visualize the stages of development that has taken place in forming this world. I can feel that this wasn’t an easy journey for those that were witness to the transition between generations. It is interesting to imagine that the world in which we live today was a different world back then. The other interesting thing is after watching this movie, I was wondering about the story of ‘Jungle Book’ how the character mowgli lived among the animals and I compared it to the human life back in the day that perhaps today as we fear tiger and all the other wild animals, may be back in the day humans lived among animals and they may have shared friendship during those days. In the end, this movie was an interesting journey of intro specking my own genealogical truths.

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