Fighting for Equality and Freedom Essay

Fighting for Equality and Freedom Essay

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America is a nation built on the beliefs and ideals that man is free. In WWII, challenges arose in America’s freedom. The Declaration of Independence stated that “…all men are created equal.” However, the rights for the ‘White Man’ were significantly above all others, and because of this, women and black men lacked the same equality as the ‘White Man’. In WWII, women took up jobs previously held by men, while the African Americans attempted to join the military. They wanted to assist in the war effort and help defend America to gain their freedom. This freedom for America meant to protect home soil from foreign threats. Through equality and freedom, America can become what the founding fathers sought it out to be, a land free of communism and disparity.
All throughout history and some may even argue that still today inequality and racism are prevalent and carry an enormous impact. During the course of WWII, there were many strides to end inequality at home and overseas. While some were fighting to keep our home soil free from foreign threats, others were serving to gain rights and fix all the domestic threats to their freedom. The inequality and racism overseas was a setback, either not allowing certain people to participate or oppressing while in duty really injured the ability to function correctly. Often in the battlefield African Americans would write home about the prejudices, they faced. As seen in a letter from Private First Class Andrew Martin Archer it was said “Some Shit! Now I know why they put the colored in this outfit. Don’t worry, the ole boy hasn’t quit yet”. The African Americans fought just as much intolerance overseas fighting as they did at home. As seen in this letter, by Andrew Archer, he was ...

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