Essay about Fighting for Equal Rights in Two Opposite Countries

Essay about Fighting for Equal Rights in Two Opposite Countries

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It is hard to believe that in the world that we live in, there are still countries in which women fight to have their rights. In the twentieth first century, there are countries that woman, “regardless of age or marital status is required to have a male guardian. Her guardian may be her father, her husband, her uncle, her brother, or even her own son” (Mandi). In strict arab countries, Saudi Arabia, women are considered inferior to men, taking to an extreme point in which female are not registered in birth or death, while men have their own documents (Sasson). Since little, “male child are taught that women are of little value: they exist only for [men] comfort and convenience” (Sasson). While in a liberal arab country, Lebanon, women have the freedom to do what they want without a male guardian. Lebanese women have freedom, but they “are raised to believe that [their] place is the kitchen (El Helou). Each country has their own problem, but both of them fight for the same reasons, human rights and equality of sex. These reasons can be present in marriage, clothing, and their rights.
A couple of years ago, marriage in Saudi Arabia was arranged by the parents of the woman and the man, and they would probably be first cousins, in which they weren’t allowed to meet before the wedding night. Nowadays, there have been some slight changes; parents still arrange marriages, it doesn’t need to be with their first cousins, it can be with any man of the society, and bride and groom can now see each other before the wedding night. Men are allowed to have as many women as they want, as long as each one has equal conditions as the others. When a Saudi woman gets divorce, in which is much complicated than with men, “she returns to the home of ...

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