Essay on The Field Of Teaching English Language Learners

Essay on The Field Of Teaching English Language Learners

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After reading the chapter 2, the most important idea captured my attention is to decide which program is beneficial for LEP students. One of the most important decisions in the field of teaching English Language Learners is which program of instruction to use. These programs range from bilingual education to English only immersion. "According to the Center for Research on Education, Diversity and Excellence(CREDE), such choices should ideally be based on careful consideration of a district 's goals, resources, and the needs and characteristics of its students." (page-50) When thinking about which program will be the best for English Language Learners, it is important to note that a program that is good for one student might not benefit for another student. Both teachers and parents have to consider some important factors that may affect students ' progress like age, personality, teacher 's attitude, classroom environment, and how the specific classroom fits your child 's needs. School districts should educate parents about the programs they offered to English language learners through orientation. In my school district, parents are informed about the programs through orientation, and they can visit classrooms which help them to make an informed choice after a brief discussion with teachers.
Liliana Minaya-Rowe study shows that "between 69 percent and 90 percent of English language learners in middle and high schools who were born in the United States and have been in U.S. schools since kindergarten still have not achieved the academic proficiency to succeed in the all-English mainstream program. Why? Two important reasons are (1) a lack of teacher preparation to use research-based strategies to teach academic language and curricu...

... middle of paper ... environment. Building new knowledge through background knowledge or schema helps ELLs to acquire the academic language and the content knowledge. They are better equipped when they are ready making the transition into a mainstream classroom and also provide the skills one needs to be fully bilingual. They can be proficient in both the languages(LI &L2), and use their native languages as an asset when acquiring the advanced skills in both the content knowledge and the academic language.
In the nutshell, I would like to conclude that all the hurdles and obstacles faced by the LEP students can be overcome with strong vigor, motivation, positive attitude , and above all with the support and guidance from the educators.
Crawford, James (2005). Educating English Learners: Language Diversity in the Classroom. Los Angeles, CA: Bilingual Educational Services.

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