Essay on The Field Of Environmental Communication

Essay on The Field Of Environmental Communication

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Communication is central to an entity’s involvement in environmental affairs. The field of environmental communication deals with this directly, aiming to educate, alert and solve environmental problems we face on Earth. Through strategic and developed communication practices environmental communicators analyze the language and symbols we use to define the natural world. Some of the major components of this sector include environmental news and media, public participation, environmental conflict, risk communication, “green” marketing and campaigning and conflict resolution. Scholars in the field address human responses to the natural world, while attempting to unveil the mask that covers and alters many environmental issues. Environmental communication specialists help communities understand what is going on in their area, encouraging them to become active on current issues that affect their lives. The main goal of environmental communicators is to investigate and work with people on the most effective way to get environmental messages understood by the masses.
From the journals of Communication Research and Applied Communication Research I found four scholarly articles that can aid in enhancing my skill sets and understanding of the issues involved the field of environmental communication. The first study is an experimental study titled “Boomerang effects in science communication: how motivated reasoning and identity cues amplify opinion polarization about climate mitigation policies” from the journal of Communication Research. In this article the public’s perception on climate change is discussed. Authors P. Sol Hart and Erik Nisbet determine through their experimental design that motivated reasoning, message exposure, location...

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...surround themselves with it becomes obvious on what matters to them. The language that the media uses regarding environmental issues has a great effect on the viewers. Environmental communication specialists can use the LSM algorithms to figure out how people communicate about the environment, and which words provoke emotion. This can then help them one to determine beneficial words and phrases when communicating environmental issues to a group of people.
There are many factors and skill sets that can be applied to the field of environmental communication. The studies above helped me to apply my knowledge of the communications field towards the natural world, exercising only a small amount of the information within this massive sector. As I continue down my collegiate path I hope to absorb other applicable knowledge regarding this ever-growing field.

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