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Could you ever imagine feeding your infant alcohol through a bottle? This is equivalent to what alcohol does to the fetus in the womb. This results in a tragic disease known as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Alcohol can affect a human body in many different ways. Alcohol can be the highlight of a party and make anything exciting, but also can seriously alter human life. It’s quite often that we see on the news another victim dead, or in critical condition because their signs and symptoms were loud enough for others to notice, because a baby cannot speak for itself it isn’t able to show signs of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) is effecting it. Most mothers would agree that they would not feed their infant alcohol through a bottle so why do they choose to drink while pregnant? Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is abuse and affects a child from the moment of birth. Babies born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome possess physical deformities from birth but later develop emotional issues, learning disabilities and FAS can effect anyone, however certain racial or ethnic groups are more prone to FAS. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome needs to be addressed through education and awareness because there is no cure and it is a growing issue.
If mothers were aware of the consequences of drinking while pregnant they might think twice about the one glass of wine or alcohol of any kind.Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is caused by prenatal exposure to high levels of alcohol(Stratton et al. 2). In the first three weeks of pregnancy or the embryonic stage is considered a critical period. Birth defects or “tertaogenic” actions are producing the most prevalent and severe characteristics of FAS( Stratton et al. 2)Drinking an average of 3 drinks/daily during the period following conception and ju...

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...assistance and general education about the effects of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. By making the general public and targeting specific groups with information about the seriousness of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome the prevalence in all races could decrease.
Alcohol has the effect to change human life in seconds and impair our judgment. Alcohol can take a human life instantly in a car crash or it can slowly alter an innocent life of a fetus and never actually giving them a fair chance at life. The life long side effects of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome will always plague the fetus of a mother who chooses who consume alcohol while pregnant. There is never a “safe” amount of alcohol for a pregnant woman. By increasing the awareness of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, and providing information on how the syndrome will affect a future human’s life, can stop the issue of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

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