Feminism And Literature 's Ancestral House : Another Look At ' The Yellow Wallpaper '

Feminism And Literature 's Ancestral House : Another Look At ' The Yellow Wallpaper '

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Haney-Peritz, Janice. "Monumental Feminism and Literature 's Ancestral House: Another Look At 'The Yellow Wallpaper '." Women 's Studies 12.2 (1986): 113. Academic Search Complete. Web. 24 Nov. 2014.
Haney-Peritz focused mainly on the aspect of Feminism in The Yellow wallpaper. The author spoke about how the male readers had responded to the critiques to patriarchy at that time period. The article primarily analyzed the story and talked about the important imagery and symbol used in the story that evokes the idea of the feminist statement Gilman was talking about in the text. The author also made use of a social-historical method research using the response of male’s reactions towards the story to illustrate how males felt concerning Gilman’s critique to men dominating women. He also talked about how the text was based on Gilman’s personal experience, and her concern for the material conditions of social like being a troubling defect. The conclusion of the article stated that even though the story of the yellow wallpaper ended at a point, it did not necessarily end for feminist critics. The Author clearly states that Feminist Critics viewed “The Yellow Wallpaper” not only as an accurate representation of the situation of women in patriarchal culture, but also a model for their own reading and writing practices. Pieces of this article may be beneficial to my research for the social and historical background reviews on the Yellow Wallpaper, and previous research to help ground my point.
Hunnicutt, G. "Varieties of Patriarchy and Violence against Women: Resurrecting "Patriarchy" as a Theoretical Tool." Violence against Women 15.5 (2009): 553-73. Web.
Gwen Hunnicutt’s article primarily illustrates the various patriarchy soci...

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...Fortier said patriarchy defines a system of relationships in which the men “own” the women and children, and rule over them. Fortier explained that in society, femininity and masculinity are not entirely related to sex glands or chromosomes. According to the author, the way the society is set up is entirely based on what the dominant male group values. The article gave an interesting example of how it is okay, in society, for boys to be aggressive, but females are supposed to press their aggressiveness. Also, Fortier clearly stated that patriarchy encourages men to have male children because they value more than the female ones. However, I believe the article would be of great use for my research paper because it gives a theoretical and socio historical background of patriarchy and its relationship to feminism which will help drastically in supporting my theory.

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