Feminism And Its Impact On Women 's Suffrage Movement Essays

Feminism And Its Impact On Women 's Suffrage Movement Essays

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In 1920 the 19th amendment was passed which allowed women the right to vote; this was a significant achievement for the women’s suffrage movement. Since that time women have gained substantial freedom and equality, but some today still argue that gender inequality is a relevant cultural topic that needs to be addressed. Conversely, some people believe that feminism is irrelevant in modern society, or they believe the myth that feminism is only poorly disguised misandry. Despite the opposition, many women and men continue to be advocates for feminism.
Ms. Emma Watson, former Harry Potter actress and current Goodwill ambassador for the United Nations, defined feminism best when she said, “For the record, feminism by definition is the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. It is the theory of political, economic and social equality of the sexes” (Watson). Most citizens in the world today would assume gender equality is a goal that has already been attained in countries like the United States and England; however, this is not necessarily accurate. In 2013, research showed the typical working class woman earned only 78% of an equivalent man’s earnings despite doing a job of equal difficulty and value. In computing and engineering fields, a huge industry in the modern world, women represent less than 25% of the workers (“A Look at the Gender Pay Gap”).
Women are also faced with inequality outside the workplace through sexual harassment and media glorification of unrealistic ideals. Although sexual assault does not only happen to women, a vast majority of victims are female. “Partly due to the shame, stigma, and fear associated with reporting a sexual assault, more than half of sexual assaults since 200...

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...long before 1920, and today focuses on de facto equality of women instead of only legal equality. Since that time many more organizations such as HeForShe have been formed to continue promoting women’s rights. Feminism strives for equality between male and females, and it does not necessarily advocate misandry. Proponents of this movement such as Emma Watson work to aid and support rape victims, support equal pay, and more; however, there are opponents such as Ray and Sue Bohlin that believe feminism is unbiblical, unnecessary, and degrading to males. If you are a Christian it is impossible to fully support all of the ideologies of modern feminism because some facets of the current movement are unbiblical such as homosexuality and abortion. This does not discount all aspects of feminism and some are important biblical goals that need to be reached such as equal pay.

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