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Feminism and feminist social theory Essay

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Feminism and feminist social theory unlike other theoretical perspectives is woman-centered and inter-disciplinary, hence promotes methods of achieving social justice. The feminism and feminist social theory takes into consideration three questions, what of the women? Why is the present social world as it is today? Additionally, how can the social world be changed to make it more just for the women and all people alike? In recent developments, feminist theorists have begun questioning the differences between women. The areas under question include race, ethnicity, class, age intersect, and gender. In summation, the feminist theory involves the concern with giving women world over voice, and highlighting how they have contributed to the society (Mcgraw-hill.com).
Women in the current century are a troubled lot this due to the various predicaments that they have to go through on a daily basis. The women and girls undergo brutality in various aspects: sex trafficking, mass rape, acid attacks, and bride torture. Poor countries are cognizant of these forms of injustices that affect women. Furthermore, in a larger percentage of countries worldwide, women and girls are uneducated and marginalized. All these are impacted on women, despite the fact that they represent an opportunity even greater in an economic and geopolitical sense. Evidence is the poverty that such countries that marginalize women face. In view of this, there has been an ever growing recognition from everyone among them the U.S military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff who figures that aiding organizations that focuses on women and girls is a sure way to fight global poverty. This means that the world is slowly but surely beginning to realize the fact that women are not th...

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...n and women from the women’s point of view. The feminists view the family as the major site where women are mostly oppressed (pearsonhighered.com). in this theory, the aspect where women are prevented from achieving their purpose simply because they are female has stopped.
In conclusion, each of the feminist theories have had an impact with regard to feminism as each has shed light on some of the society’s portrayals of women.

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