Female Alienation And Its Effect On Society Essay

Female Alienation And Its Effect On Society Essay

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“I am no bird, and no net ensnares me; I am a free human being, with independent while.” Females have been oppressed and belittled since the beginning of time. Two females are going to change that throughout the course of history. The authors of Eclipse and Wuthering Heights, Stephanie Meyer and Elizabeth Bronte, expresses the need of a female wanting freedom with a male figure trying to control them throughout the reading of the below literature. Katherine 's and Bella are forswearing of male predominance causes extraordinary changes throughout their life and viewpoint.
Bella is a strong willed and independent teenager in today’s youth. Bella is dating Edward, a controlling male figure. One would expect that Bella would suffocate under the pressure Edward has on her life, but she doesn’t. She takes control of her life and does what she wants. Edward in Eclipse is not fond of Bella’s friend Jacob. After they have a contention, Bella embarks to go visit Jacob. Edwards gets frantic and gouges Bella 's truck so she couldn 't separate herself from the altercation. Bella calls Jacob after Edwards leaves and still proceeded to Jacob’s house. Another example is that Edward wanted Bella to stay safe, while a fight between the Cullen’s and rogue vampires went on. Bella didn’t like the idea, so she went out and tried to sacrifice herself. In the movie Edwards states that Bella need his “permission” to go to La Push, where Jacob lives. This shows that Edward is controlling and doesn’t like Bella going anywhere unless he is there. Sometimes he tells Alice, his “sister” that Bella can go places as long she is there when he can’t be. Edward also likes to control Bella in any way he can. Example’s. “Through her thoughts, showing in places she ...

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...and suppressed, because of the males in her life. Catherine does what she wants and doesn’t let a males or anyone for that matter stops her, Catherine lives her life to the fullest.
Bella, on the other hands, know Edward is trying to control her, but does nothing to stop him. Sometimes she does go against Edward, but in the end she accepts his behavior. Bella lets Edward define her life and how she should be to him, unlike Catherine who is the rebel and lets no one stand in the way of her freedom and power as a female.
In conclusions all ladies are permit to settle on choice in view of what works for them. In life we all are going to fall however it’s not how often you fall but rather how frequently you keep on getting back up. Female abuse in any case is unaccepting. Once a woman gets fed-up with her present condition then she 's ready to overcome mistreatment.

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