The Fear Of An Opinion Essay

The Fear Of An Opinion Essay

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The Fear of an Opinion
Self-confidence requires trust, and trust requires you to believe. Self-confidence is a weird thing. Some people have too much, while others have too little, yet some people only have confidence in some things and not in other things. Some of the most common things that people are or are not confident in is their looks, their skills, or their knowledge. Confidence is important, it controls our effort level and seeing confident people means seeing happy people working hard. Self-confidence is the most important emotion in our lives, and when we start to realize that, then we can use it for accomplishing anything we want.
Every day, walking up and down the hallways we are surrounded by people who are scared. Not of school, but of the opinions of the people around them. They are scared of the opinions of their friends, teachers, and classmates. They are scared of the people closest to them. When really the people closest to them do not care how they act, and it does not matter what the rest of the people think. Are people really that cruel? Most people will not say much if you do something weird. They have their own things to worry about. They are not going to go out of their way to make fun of you. With that being said, stop holding back because of your fear, and shine bright without any cares about what people think about you.
How we are raised and how we live our lives instills in us, self-confidence. Some are raised being built up all the time, and they think they are on top of the world. They will never battle with being scared of what people think, but they will fight their own type of battle. They will have to deal with the word cocky and overconfident being thrown around at them. While others are raised...

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... I learn about not having too much confidence. My family likes to throw around the words overconfident when talking about me, but lately not as much. I have really been trying not to be as confident in my skills. Even when I am wrestling someone I have beaten many times there is always a chance you can lose. As I learn more and more about that idea, I am becoming a humbler person.
Our confidence is instilled in us first by our parents, but can be later changed by us. It is important for everyone to feel comfortable with themselves, but if you become over confident in yourself, then you end up tearing the others around you apart. It is our job to help build up everyone’s confidence, and allow those who are overconfident to learn their own lesson on being humble. If you are truly set on becoming great in your life, be confident in your ways, and humble in your actions.

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