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Fast Food : Krispy Kreme Essay

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Since I was about four years old I had an obsession with fast food: Krispy Kreme. My obsession takes me way back I can even remember everything growing up. According to my grandmother, whenever we drove by a Krispy Kreme when I was about four, I would say the word "doughnut" seeing the big red circle sign the words saying hot Krispy Kreme doughnuts now. And that is where it all started for me and my favorite type of sweet junk food. Krispy Kreme, in particular, had an influence on me growing up. I’m however, very passionate about American doughnuts. Most kids I grew up with were passionate about cheese balls, pizza, popcorn, and ice cream; I never seemed quite interested in those type of goodies. There has always been something that were completely irresistible to me about a little sweet glazed or fill doughnut and some hot chocolate .I am not sure if it is the way the chocolate iced glazed with sprinkles doughnut that caught my eye and attention or the way the original glazed doughnut smelted in my little mouth. I had gotten hooked from what seems like birth.

When I was young my reward for doing well in my family eyes was a trip to Krispy Kreme. I consider this funny looking back I went all the time anyway, on weekends or with my sister after school for a sweet little treat. What a wonder I never gained about thirty pounds with as much Doughnuts and cupcakes I had been eating. However, if I did something horrible at school, they would ground me from getting doughnuts from the shop weeks or better. Absolute torture to me I basically ran through this stuff like a car runs on gas. I would say this was the most effective form of punishment I ever received, more effective than any whipping or television banned from cartoon.

As I c...

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...for this unique sweet junk food from up north New York.
Whereas the popularity of doughnuts has exploded, I do not make trips to Dairy Queen or Krispy Kreme restaurants quite as often as I once did growing up. Although, I can assure you I still eat my fair share I still ate it as much like I used to I’ll probably gain a lot more weight than I do as of now, but from time to time I just cannot help myself. There have been many times when I have been driving home from school, and I cannot resist the temptation to swing through the Krispy Kreme drive thru and order a couple of doughnuts for the family. I feel my life would just not be the same without those rides to Krispy Kreme ,Dairy Queen ,or Dunkin Doughnuts .American sweets and goodies is too much a part of me to take for granted the good times I have had with my grandmother who has passed away couple years now.

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