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History of the Chocolate chip cookie Madelyn McQueen - Twin Falls Idaho Have you ever wondered how the delicious, classic treat came to be? Well, any event you can think of after the date of 1938, the cookie was bound to be there. Several stories about how the country’s favorite baked good came to be, have been spread and believed by thousands. For example, Ruth Wakefield unexpectedly ran out of nuts for a regular ice-cream cookie recipe and, in desperation, replaced them with chunks chopped out of a bar of Nestle bittersweet chocolate. Another story is said that the vibrations from an industrial mixer caused chocolate stored on a shelf in the Toll House kitchen to fall into a bowl of cookie dough as it was being mixed. Sadly, all of these stories are false, says Carolyn Wyman in her recently published “Great American Chocolate Chip Cookie Book.” In her book, Wyman offers a more believable version of how the cookie came to be. Wyman argues, that Ruth Wakefield, who had a degree in household arts and a reputation for perfectionism, would not have allowed her restaurant, which was famed for its desserts, to run out of such…show more content…
Sadly, the Toll House restaurant burned down spectacularly on New Year’s Eve in 1984 and the spot is now home to a Wendy’s. The authorities in Whitman required the fast-food restaurant to include a small museum for Wakefield and the Toll House on its premises. January 10 of 1977, Ruth Wakefield passed away at the age of 73 due to an unknown illness. The chocolate-chip cookie celebrated its eightieth birthday this year and stays as the classic delight, loved by all Americans. The original Tollhouse Chocolate Chips now accommadate most of our cookies, which we can bake and enjoy simply in our cozy homes. Ruth Wakefield and her delicious invention will always have a special place in our heart, remaining in stores and restauraunts all around the

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