The Fashion Industry : Zelda Wynn Valdes And Olivier Rousteing Essay

The Fashion Industry : Zelda Wynn Valdes And Olivier Rousteing Essay

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With African Americans being apart of the fashion industry, they faced many hardships. However, they created a distinctive voice in the history of fashion. Throughout the early twentieth century, Blacks designers influenced the fashion industry in America, having, “a system and structure for maintaining their particular type of fashion.” African American fashion was very popular and caught the attention from the media. Department stores held successful fashion shows, screened fashion movies, and staged fashion pageants. Fortunately, African Americans were allowed to attend these events, yet they were not welcomed. Fast-forward to today, the fashion industry has opened up several doors for African American designers, stylist, and models. However, they still face hardships in the industry. Among these obstacles Blacks faced, there came several influential designers. Two of the most influential Black designers in the fashion industry were Zelda Wynn Valdes and Olivier Rousteing.

Who is Zelda Wynn Valdes?

Born June 28 1905, Zelda Wynn Valdes was an African American fashion and costume designer. Raised in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, Zelda started out in fashion, constructing outfits from her doll collection as a child. She cut and sewn different patterns from newspapers and used them on her dolls. She grew up studying the work her grandmother did as a seamstress and also:
Worked in her uncle’s tailoring shop. She offered to create a dress for her grandmother, who said she couldn’t because she was too tall & too big. Zelda did it anyway, and her grandmother loved it so much that she was buried in it.
Zelda created very elegant slim fit gowns for females.
She told the NY Times in 1994, “I just had a God-given talent...

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