Essay about Fashion as Fashion Photography

Essay about Fashion as Fashion Photography

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Fashion is an evolving subject. Fashion Photography, as Fashion itself has transformed too. The way Fashion Photography has changed a lot to what it was and what it is now. And yes it would have changed as a lot has transformed through the years of fashion. Fashion Photography’s meaning and representation has changed in a way that the image represents something that sometimes is not realistic, Photography as an illusion. Fashion Photography has changed in the way we look at it know, it has changed gender issues, sexuality, ethnicity and the way the body has been portrayed. So when looking at a fashion image you have a lot to think about if you want to fully understand the concept of it meaning. It’ not how it used to be, women/men in clothes, showing of the designers creations. But it has a hidden agenda, hidden word, a meaning that it is try to communicate to the viewers. The words in the image, the image are the words, words are hidden in the image or the image is the word are many ways of explaining how fashion image are seen and understood in today fashion photography.
A Fashion photograph is not just there for you to look at and like or dislike and pass it through your memory. But it’s there to give you a storyline, a desire, an illusion and a fantasy. The image makes you want to buy what is being advertised to you.
Women desire to become beautiful and powerful, even if they don’t say it in words. And the Photographer plays with that concept and creates that desire, that you can become that person you see in the photograph. And live that lifestyle. Photographers use techniques from the cinema/cinematic, to create the desire of viewers/Buyer/Consumers. The cinematic techniques made it possible the way people lived and the...

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...r became more creative person in the fashion shoot, after the designer. The overall photograph would sell your garment to the best ability that the photographer could achieve. It was not just about being a beautiful model in the photograph, there had to be other ways of making the photograph appealing than the simple lacklustre way of being beautiful. Although, every woman wants to be beautiful, the photographer wanted to challenge the appearance of beauty. And also challenge the way we looked at people that were not beautiful, but had a unique quality to them. The fashion photographer had a lot of power in Fashion; they could make a normal street person become the key icon for desire and envy. The photograph had the power to sell the clothes using anyone the photographer pleased, and the designer didn’t mind as long as their clothes were being recognized, and sold.

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