Family Planning Service Initiatives And Funding Essay

Family Planning Service Initiatives And Funding Essay

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Family planning service initiatives and funding are essential to the public health care system. In terms of an average American woman, they spend close to three decades attempting to avoid pregnancy and only three years pregnant, attempting to become pregnant, or post partum (Guttmacher, 2015). Due to the length in which a woman is of reproductive age versus the actual desire for pregnancy to occur, nearly half of all pregnancies are unintended (Finer, 2016). Of all unplanned pregnancies, around 42% of women chose to have an abortion (Jones, 2016). Unintended pregnancies have both a negative heath and economic consequence. They will cost nearly $11 billion to the American taxpayers each year (CDC, 2016).
Women who are pregnant unintentionally may delay prenatal care, avoid breastfeeding, and experience depression. Also, there is a reported diminished quality of life for those who are born as a result of an unintended pregnancy in terms of physical and mental health. If the unplanned pregnancy occurs to a woman in her teens, the risk for these results run even higher. Teen mothers account for 20% of unintentional pregnancy. With this unexpected child, a teen mother will earn on average a lower annual income and is less likely to finish high school. Teenage pregnancy accounts for nearly $9.1 billion a year of government funding (healthy people 2020, 2016).
Family planning clinics often operate as a safety-net health center with cost effective services most frequently utilized by a high percentage of women of the lower socioeconomic classes. They distribute a variety of contraceptive options and emergency contraception. These clinics provide breast and pelvic exams, such as pap smears, cervical cancer screenings, and STD...

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...the social context of the system that adolescents exist within. Lower income societies are disproportionately impacted by family planning crisis. There needs to be extensive research on present opinions and norms within these communities. Also, there must be a collaborative partnership with various groups within the community to effectively integrate these health behaviors into society. Social marketing strategies can be used to implore people to not only change. In order to successfully integrate healthier sexual choices among adolescent women, we must thoroughly understand the community in which they exist. There are many different factors that will play a role in their decision making process. If we can successfully integrate social marketing into the diffusion of Innovation theory, we can minimize the stray away from our presentation of positive health choices.

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