Family Homelessness And Its Effects On Children Essay

Family Homelessness And Its Effects On Children Essay

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One of the prevalent problems that distract the student’s ability to learn and develop skills that are required to graduate high school is family homelessness. According to the state center for homeless families, 1 out of 45 children in the US are homeless that averagely 1.6 children are homeless every year. There are a variety of factors that cause family homelessness they include domestic violence, lack of affordable housing, decreasing government supports, lack of social support, or the challenges of raising children alone (Stetser, & Stillwell, 2014).
According to the national center on family homelessness, many students who are homeless lack the school supplies that are core and they also lack an environment that is comfortable to do their homework. Also, in the lives of homeless students, violence can often play a significant role because according to the study, almost 25% of children have witnessed violence in their homes. There is a very high likelihood of children who have seen the violence exhibit antisocial behavior, anxiety and high levels of depression when compared to those who have not experienced violence acts within their families. For this reason, these children who have witnessed violence they will prefer using violence as a tool of resolving a conflict (Philips, & Case, 2013).
Also, high school students who are homeless can experience educational disruption that is significant, and only 15% are proficient in reading and 12% are proficient in math. Students who are homeless are twice as likely as non-homeless students to have to be expelled, drop out of high school, or repeat a grade. Many high school dropouts not only have household as a disadvantage, but they also drop out of school at a rate of 36% due to ph...

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...he students in focusing on learning clinical practice and become apathetic to the social status that surrounds them that is of being homeless as they depict learning as a necessity, not as an option.
In a nutshell among public schools student, homelessness is at all-time high, therefore causing a continuous rise in the number of students dropping out of high school. The teens without a home go through many challenges, some of them are homeless together with their families, and others are on their own as they try to get through their life without any person being concerned about their well-being. It should be the responsibility of the stakeholders and the micro community agencies to embrace the communal spirit of assisting the homeless students’ preferences so as to help them to learn for them to have the sense of belonging and offer them opportunities for learning.

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