The Fall Of The House Of Usher And Young Goodman Brown Essay

The Fall Of The House Of Usher And Young Goodman Brown Essay

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Can we always control what we say or how we act? This can be asked by the when reading either “The Fall of the House of Usher” or “Young Goodman Brown.” To further understand these stories, in order to see why the above is true, the keys to writing any story must be defined and discussed. The first key is character, characters are the people that the story follows. Their thoughts and actions are brought to life through development done by the author of the story Development can also be done through the interpretation of the reader based on the information that the author gives, or may not give the reader about the character. Two main types of characters are seen in a story, static and dynamic, whether it be one or the other, or both. Static characters don’t change throughout the story, while dynamic characters show a change in one way or another. This change in the particular character usually has some sort of significance to the overall premise of the story. The second key is that of conflict is defined as a dilemma the character faces. It is usually presented as two belief systems that oppose one another conflict can either be internal, meaning a conflict that a character has within themselves, or external, which is a conflict that a character has with someone or something else, whether it be man vs. man, man vs. nature, or man vs. society. The type of conflict that is most often would eternal the last key is theme, theme is defined as the main idea, moral or universal truth of a story. Every story has to have a theme, without it, it is not even considered a story. Theme gives the premise of the story. It is by far the most important key to any story. Another way to put it would be that theme is the oxygen of the story, and ...

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...main characters Rodrick Usher and Goodman Brown both seem to be just two normal guys, but the events in each story show that that is not so. Actually, by the end of the stories, it is the exact opposite. Both Usher and Brown are completely insane or corrupt. It is safe to say that both characters are out of control. Both characters would be classified as dynamic, because there is a drastic change in both of them between the beginning and end of their respective stories. Usher and Brown went through a lot in these stories, and both of ended up in the predicament, death. When it comes to conflict in both stories, the belief systems are man and self. Also, presented as man vs. self. This type of conflict is considered internal. During the course of both stories, Brown and Usher had to fight against their own minds, and things do not end well for either of them.

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