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Fall Concert Review Essay

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On Thursday November 19, 2013 the UNG Singers and Le Belle Voci presented their Fall Concert under the direction of Dr. John M. Broman with accompanist Mrs. Mary Beth Hutcheson. This was their second performance of the week and it took place at the Dahlonega United Methodist Church in Dahlonega, Georgia at eight o’clock pm. The concert presented many pieces sung by either the UNG singers or Le Belle Voci. However each group had one piece and composer that they mainly focused on. Presenting them with as much passion and feeling as they could. The UNG singers chose Gloria by the French composer Francis Poulenc and LE Belle Voci chose a piece by the composer Benjamin Britten entitled A Ceremony of Carols.
The first piece to be presented was Francis Poulenc’s Gloria sung by the UNG singers. Director Dr. John Broman referred to it as, “one of the most rigorous pieces [they’d] ever done”. The UNG singers actually presented Gloria with an added addition by UNG’s very own Dr. Lee Barrow. Dr. Barrow has been working with the French publishing agency, Editions Salabert of Paris, to prepare a new corrected edition. In the program lots of background information was proved to the audience on both Francis Poulenc and Gloria. Francis Poulenc was one of the most prominent French composers of the twentieth century. He was also one of the most prolific writers for the voice of all French composers since the eighteenth century, he wrote a large number of art songs and a significant number of choral works in many different voicings. He composed a variety of different works including (but not limited to) ballets, operas, choral works and orchestra works. The Gloria is at the same time both secular and sacred. In the program it states that, ‘one can...

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...o, however during O come, O come Emmanuel Dr. Esther Morgan-Ellis brought out her cello to accompany the piece. My favorite work out of this section was Prayer by Rene Clausen. This selection is polyphonic and the singers change pitch frequently. The piece is sacred and would be presented in a church by a choir sometimes they are in harmony but in various sections only the altos will sing and then the sopranos will follow a couple of beats later.
Overall the Fall concert was an excellent presentation of many different works and an enjoyment to attend. The UNG singers and Le Belle Voci’s hard work really paid off as they continued to wow the audience (including myself) with their immense talent. Even though the first work they presented (Gloria) may have been one of the toughest they had done you would have never had guessed that it was any trouble at all for them.

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