Essay on The Failure Of Enron Was Greed

Essay on The Failure Of Enron Was Greed

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The main reason that contributing to the failure of Enron was greed. It has begun from the moment that Jeff Skilling has incorporated mark to market accounting into Company’s policies, and then the system was taken advantage of it. The bonuses that the executives was paid out to employees were based on speculations in futures that were never done or accomplished again like it used to be. The company spent several t years by trying to generate new revenue streams in order to make their company successful like they promised to be. However, some times the revenue stream was sustained through unethical. Greed and cutthroat attitudes were ingrained to the company’s corporate culture and the employees were manipulated the system in order to make their bonuses to their some company when the corporate culture and the corporation is one of the largest in the world, it is very hard for individual in the company to stand up for your own system of values. When the problems comes up it would be sent up the ladder and it would end with a “let me run it by Jeff”. Jeff Skilling...

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