Essay on Factors That Influenced The Research And The Preparedness Of The Agency

Essay on Factors That Influenced The Research And The Preparedness Of The Agency

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Another study set out to identify factors that influenced willingness to collaborate between practitioners who worked in HIV research (Pinto, 2013). Results showed that perceptions of researchers’ availability, benefits of the research and the preparedness of the agency doing the research were associated with overall willingness to engage and pursue HIV prevention research. These findings supported the fact that researchers need to be available professionally and socially and that the research that is being conducted is beneficial to both the research community and the end user. Finally, the authors state, that agencies must be well resourced to ensure that research activities may be carried out successfully. This last point is important as it speaks to the leadership that organizations need to provide in terms of supporting successful innovation and research activities. One way organizations can provide this type of support and leadership is ensuring their research teams are ready to collaborate and not reluctant to work together before embarking on their projects. The RCS is an instrument that would address this prior to teams being assembled and resources being applied to costly projects and initiatives.
The simplest of healthcare interactions often require the knowledge and experience of many practitioners working together in clinical teams. Providers who work and care for patients together, require effective competencies and skills to communicate and achieve effective outcomes together. Communication that is clear and unequivocal in interprofessional teams can be linked directly to reduced morbidity and mortality in some cases (Haerkens et al., 2015). However, this is not always possible. Teams that are assembled for ...

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...ented prior to the team being assembled.

3. Will a group that has demonstrated excellence in interprofessional teaming, show higher scores in interprofessional collaboration, communication and trust versus groups that are considered lower functioning as an interprofessional team?
Concurrent validity has revealed clearly that when comparing two group’s responses to Borrill’s (2001) five questions that determine level of team functioning, that is, those respondents that answered ‘yes’ (participating in high functioning teams) to all questions and those who answered ‘no’ (participating in low functioning teams) to all questions, there is a difference in scores on the new RCS. There was a significant difference in the scores for high functioning team members (M= 209.8, SD= 11.8) and low functioning team members (M= 196.8, SD= 15.0). Additionally, the conditions

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