Factors That Affect The Progression Of Health Disorders Essay

Factors That Affect The Progression Of Health Disorders Essay

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Stressors are both physiological and psychological demands placed on an individual from both internal and external environments that can disturb homeostasis. This disruption requires an action to return the body to a balance. Being able to recognize, understand, and cope with stress is critical to overall health and well being of an individual. The ability to cope with stress productively can alter the outcome of illness and prevent negative health outcomes altogether. Each person experiences and perceives stress differently both physiologically, psychologically, and can portray it differently externally. The way in which each person handles stress can influence the path for care they pursue if illness is present. In the absence of remedial measures, stress can cause both physical and psychological wear.
Research on stress and coping has pointed towards personality genes and psychological state as links to the disease outcomes. In the presence of a chronic stress there is a related physiological response that can ultimately influence the progression of health disorders. Clinically, understanding the cognitive and behavioral causes and responses to stress is essential for public health, education, and intervention. The transactional model of stress and coping attempts to evaluate and understand how a person copes with stressful events. We become stressed when the environmental demands exceed our ability to cope. Whether stress becomes a part of a situation is based on primary appraisal. This concept determines the significance of the stressor to the individual’s life. Then, if there is a perception of threat, the secondary appraisal determines whether the individual has the tools to cope with the stress effectively leading ...

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...ercome the challenge and (hopefully) pass the exam.
We all have different stressors and different responses to stress. I have some friends that have a “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” personality when stress occurs. If you hear they are stressed, you better run the other way because claws come out. Others distance themselves from the stress by showing indifference. Some people never seem to be stressed because they always have a positive outlook. Ultimately what it comes down to is recognition of stress, whether it is within you, or if a friend is going through a stressful situation. Each person has different needs that should be met when they are stressed to help him or her through a situation. That may mean anything with in the range of space to comforting. However, whichever they prefer, having someone’s back who is stressed is very important to their ability to cope.

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