Factors That Affect Student Academic Performance Essay

Factors That Affect Student Academic Performance Essay

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Over thirty years of research in education and developmental, psychology points to behavioral engagement in learning as a critical condition for predicting children 's academic achievement (Fredricks, Blumenfeld, & Paris, 2004). Many researchers have debated whether seating arrangements in the classroom actually have a profound effect on student academic performance. There is a prevailing belief in literature that classroom seat location can affect the student’s grades and behavior (Stires, 1982). Therefore, an instructor must be able to dictate which seating arrangements give students the best position in the classroom for optimal academic performance and behavior for any given content or classroom environment. Cornell (2002) believes furniture and seating arrangements are important in creating a suitable learning environment for students. Classroom arrangement significantly impacts student behavior, along with evidence to suggest that it also impacts academic achievement (Wannarka & Ruhl, 2008). Seating arrangement is one factor that teachers can fully control in a classroom and should be an important factor of consideration for student academic performance. According to a study conducted by Bicard and his colleagues (2012), student seating arrangements is one of the easiest, most cost-effective classroom management strategies available to teachers to maximize the learning performance and behavior. Once again exhibiting the importance of understanding the effects seating arrangements have on students academic performance. Students need to be treated as individuals, since they all learn differently, with each one encompassing specific needs, strengths, and weaknesses, which should be accounted for in the curriculum and seating ar...

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...re, the researchers created this study to examine the traditional assumption that where a student sits in class is directly related to academic performance. The students’ current desks were arranged in groups and then they were arranged in rows after a week to compare the academic performance from each desk configuration. In fact, students often do not have a choice as to where they sit, which could possibly affect the student’s overall academic performance stressing the importance of studying seating arrangements in the classroom. By the end of this study, the researchers hope to find optimal seating arrangements that give students the best position in the classroom to achieve the highest academic performance. The researchers hypothesis that teachers should let the content and task as hand determine the students’ seating arrangement for optimal academic performance.

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