Factors Contributing to Willy's Death in Death of a Salesman

Factors Contributing to Willy's Death in Death of a Salesman

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Willy Loman a self-doubting, delusional salesman enters his house with two empty suitcases; he failed to sell anything that day. He was greeted by his loving wife Linda and asked where he was all day. Willy replied by saying that he went as far as a little above Yonkers. Willy explains to Linda that he suddenly couldn’t drive anymore. In page 13 Willy explains “suddenly I realize I’m going’ sixty miles an hour and I don’t remember the last five minutes. Linda tries to comfort him by saying it’s your glasses and also by saying that you haven’t gotten enough rest. Willy responded by saying he can see perfectly fine. Linda then said to Willy that you should ask Howard to see if you can work in New York again. At first Willy said that they don’t need them there but gave into the suggestion Linda asked. Willy then suddenly asked if there was anything to eat. Linda willfully answered yes and that she would make him a sandwich. Willy refuses it and says to Linda to go to sleep and asks if the boys are in. Linda says that the boys are sleeping; Happy took biff on a date tonight.
Willy seemed interested and Linda continued talking, it was so nice to see them shaving together. She couldn’t get over that the whole house smelling like shaving cream. During this conversation Willy says an important quote “Work a lifetime to pay a house you finally own it, and there’s nobody to live in it. I find this to be ironic because it’s true you buy a house to raise a family and when you finally own it there’s nobody to live in it, because everybody is all grownup and going on with there own lives. Willy then goes downstairs and starts to talk to himself, as he’s doing this Biff and his younger brother happy start to talk about there teenage years, and talked bout their fathers babbling. They then talk about how they don’t like there lives at the moment. They later talked about buying ranch out west and thinking about other ideas to be successful. We return to Willy he gets flash backs about talking to his brother and that should gone with him to Alaska and Africa to make money. This eventually leads to Willy’s death when Biff Confronts Willy of trying to commit suicide, and telling his dad to burn the fake dream that it’s never going to happen.

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Willy gets into his car starting and moving away at full speed which leads to his death.
The blame for the downfall of Willie Loman was society, family, and himself. One of the major contributions to this downfall was society. Society rejected him the second he became to old to work. He was one the people to help build the company he had worked on, and they thank him by firing him. Linda was apart of his downfall by being to kind. She should have confronted him when she found the rubber hose in the basement, instead of just putting back and pretend not to ever see it. Biff also contributed by becoming a bum in purpose because he knew it will kill his dad. The only reason he did this was to get back at him for cheating on his mom.
The conflict between Biff and his father Willie Loman is that one day Biff failed his math test and needed his dad to help him out this jam. So he decided to go find him, eventually Biff found him in a hotel and knocked on his door. Willy then hurries The Woman into the bathroom. Willy answers the door; the Biff enters and tells his dad that he failed math. Willy tries to rush him out of the room, but Biff imitates his math teacher's lisp, which makes Willy and the woman laugh. Willy tries to cover it up by saying that she was from next door and she needed to use the shower, but Biff refuses to believe his stories and runs off. In this case I believe he was the main cause because he shouldn’t have cheated on his wife.
I believe that the role of Linda both helped and hindered Willie to overcome this crisis. At one time she was a loving and nurturing wife. Linda told Willy that everything will be ok, that he should rest his mind and go to sleep. But once she found evidence that he was trying to commit suicide she should have confronted him. For example the rubber hose in the basement with the little nipple on the gas tank. Instead of hiding the fact that she knew this she should have confronted him. I believe that she hurt her husband more, because in fact hiding the problem doesn’t help trying to solve it.
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