Facebook: A Haven for Cybercriminals Essay

Facebook: A Haven for Cybercriminals Essay

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Facebook is considered to be a website that allows people to connect with one another without picking up the telephone or texting them. To many this is a harmless website to keep in touch with friends that they were once close with, and have now drifted away from. Or possibly even a family member who lives across the country and plans to come home for the upcoming holidays. But with these harmless connections, Facebook comes with some serious potential dangers that the website does not clearly announce when registering to become a member.
Facebook asks for the following when signing up to become a member: name, email, generate a password, birthday, and gender. None of this information is verified and Facebook takes the future members word for it, and allows them to gain access to the website as long as their email has not already been taken. Underneath the registration process in very small print users are requested to view the “Terms” and “Data Use Policy”. The website does not require a user to even click on the links to proceed with registration, which means a user has the option to bypass the useful information all together. Inside these “terms” Facebook states “We do our best to keep Facebook safe, but we cannot guarantee it” (Facebook). By posting the Terms and Data Use Policy, Facebook is taking absolutely no legal responsibility for what happens on its website.
Due to Facebook not verifying every single one of its members the danger of a sexual predator is not that uncommon on this type of social networking website. Young children that pretend that they are at least thirteen years of age could end up being a victim of a sexual predator due to “not knowing any better”. Also the parents who allow their children to obtain...

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...ge of, Is Facebook really worth keeping in touch with family and friends when it may be safer to just call them in the first place.

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