Essay on Eyes of Revenge: The Count of Monte Cristo

Essay on Eyes of Revenge: The Count of Monte Cristo

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Edmond Dantes was a 19 year old man who became captain of a ship name the Pharaon. He was much loved by everyone. He is pretty gullible and becomes vengeful when the one guy he considered his friend betrayed him the other two who he was not to fond of ruined his life. He was a respectable young man who showed that numerous times like when he had to leave Morrel while he was talking to him; he said “I beg you excuse me, Monsieur Morrel (Dumas 5). He was to be betrothed to a girl named Mercedes who he’d loved very much but he loved his father most of all. He felt bad when he found out his father was broke from paying his debt causing him to fall to his knees and said “may God forgive me” (Dumas 9). Dantès is a pretty unique character who does nothing but work hard to what he wants to achieve.
Edmond was a very ambitious man who wanted nothing more than to be a captain and marry his beloved. He achieved his goal of his goal of becoming captain in the wake of his former captain’s death. He is a man that seen the good in people rather they did him wrong or not. He becomes a very dynamic character throughout the story by transforming himself in to the mysterious and vengeful Count of Monte Cristo. In the wake of his imprisonment and realization that he was the outcome of a conspiracy plot, his whole persona changes and this will spark the change in the story. As depicted throughout the story “nothing ever escaped the Count’s eye” (Dumas 276) and nothing will stop his drive toward ruining the men who “killed him”.
Baron Danglars, Fernand Mondego, and Villefort are the protagonists of the story Danglars is described as an older man who “was personally as much disliked as Edmond Dantès was beloved by them” (Dumas 3). He is wealthy and sp...

... middle of paper ... conflict to enhance the theme by showing the outcome and the lengths that the characters in the book went to for their own happiness. His best known works were The Count of Monte Cristo and The three Musketeers.

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