Essay about The Extinction Of The Whales

Essay about The Extinction Of The Whales

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Free the Whales
​Orcas, or killer whales, are one of the world’s most powerful predators. Killer whales are mammals that can live up to fifty to eighty years in the wild. They can grow up to thirty two feet weighing close to six tons. Killer whales hunt in deadly pods that may have up to forty individuals. Each pod is unique and does not have the same techniques and characteristics as every other pod. These whales have a variety of communication sounds that are specific to their pod. Killer whales have different types of languages just like we do with other humans (National Geographic Socitey). Because killer whales are so big and have these characteristics, is it right for them to be kept captive at amusement parks such as SeaWorld?
​The warrant that SeaWorld has on these killer whales is that they live better in captivity. One reason why they think that is because these whales do not have to go through the struggle of finding food. They are always fed and have a proper diet. Another main reason why SeaWorld thinks that these whales should be kept captive is because of science benefits. Backings show that these whales have given scientist information. SeaWorld claims that if it was not for captivity, researchers would not have certain knowledge about Orcas.
​Orcas should not be living in captivity at amusement parks. These whales should be set free and experience their life the proper way. The three main reasons why these whales should not be kept captive are because their families are being ripped apart, it is a danger to themselves and humans, and lastly because their purpose is not to be our entertainment.
​Killer whales are constantly being ripped away from their families. It all started when boats would rally up the pods and...

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...s but it is a lie. These whales suffer every day. Grounds shows us that these creatures are not living a good life. It is time that people speak up for these Orcas and let these mammals live freely.

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