Essay about Extending the School Day Can Increase Literacy

Essay about Extending the School Day Can Increase Literacy

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The area of need that I would like to try and fix at my high school is the lack of extended school day activities to help improve literacy for our struggling students. With our stagnant test results that our school has shown over the last few years on our state standardized tests, we need something in place to help our all of our struggling students reach proficient levels for graduation. There are programs already in our school day designed to improve reading skills. Read 180 program is used on our campus for our truly low level reading students, and we have time during the week, called SET time that is designed to give students time to make up work or get extra help in all educational classes. This research project that I am conducting is to see the benefits of extended school days can have on student achievement in literacy and what best practices teachers and administrators can do to make the extended school days successful for all their students. The first article that I researched is how many struggling elementary schools in Florida started extended school days and increased their school state ratings and improved their reading scores for all their students.
When searching for articles for this paper on how I can fix my school’s area of need, I wanted to see if extended school days really show a benefit for improving reading and literacy skills. The first article I read was a report taken in Florida, where 100 of the lowest achieving elementary schools are being required to add extended hours to their day to improve the state reading test results. “After only a year with the extra hour, three-quarters of the schools saw improved reading scores on the state’s standardized test, the Florida Comprehensive Assessment...

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... new intervention has shown significant improvement in their students reading test results. These articles will help me go to my education leaders in my district and show them that it does work, what types of programs we can use that will show improvement, and staff development ideas that will improve the staff’s skill in literacy instruction.

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