Essay about Exploring Jainism: Jain and Jain Renouncers

Essay about Exploring Jainism: Jain and Jain Renouncers

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Jain and Jain renouncers are very dedicated to the practice of ahimsa, or nonviolence. They are very aware of their world around them and what will happen to their karma if they harm any walks life. Jains try to eventually purge any negative karma they might have accumulated over their lifetime. Through this dedication to nonviolence, Jains work tirelessly to make sure that their intentional actions will not bring harm to anything or anyone. Many objects and traditions are connected to objects that can be found in their environment. Jains coexist with the world and wish to be a part of it and not leave a mark on it. Through their practice of ahimsa, Jains have formed a unique relationship and lifestyle practice with the world around them.
Jain’s are known to carry around a brush of peacock feathers to brush away the small insects that may lie in their path. These feathers were never plucked from the peacock because that would cause harm to the bird. By dusting the ground or where they may place their body they ensure that they tried to remove anything that could ...

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