The Comparison and Contrast of Daoism and Jainism

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Introduction Throughout history, family events that occur the same time from generation to generation are considered convictions or religions. Religions are developed from all areas of the world with specific guidelines and values to lead a balanced spiritual life. Included in the world of events is religion the primary foundation of the life of an individual. According to the textbook, all religions share the goal of reconciliation, tying people back to something behind the surface of life (Fisher, 2014). The purpose of this paper is to present the similarities and differences between the two religions, Daoism and Jainism. The cultural origin and geographical origin are also presented, along with the description of three (3) particular religious practices of both religions. The final instruction is provide an example of how the religions are practiced today in various locations of the world. Cultural and Geographic Origins The first religion selected is Taoism (Daoism), an Eastern religion that originated from the richness of a group of healers possessing power over the elements. In China these healers are known as shamans. The shamans are acknowledged as having the ability to communicate with animals and the knowledge of various uses for plants (Seymour, nd.). During the Eastern Han Dynasty, Zhang Taoling settled on Singing Crane Mountain (Mount Heming). He began producing and circulating books advocating Tao after he claimed that he had been imparted the "Mighty Commonwealth of the Orthodox Oneness (Zhengyi Meng Wei) by Supreme Master Lao Zi. His teachings centered on the summoning of deities, magic incantation and subduing of ghosts, as well as breathing exercises (Elijame, 2011). As other religions and rituals, the knowledge,... ... middle of paper ... ... main ingredient to having a solid infrastructure. Works Cited Fisher, M.P. (2014). Living Religions. Page 2. Seymour, R., (nd). Tao Article. A Brief History of Taoism. Retrieved from Elijame. (2011). A Brief History Of Taoism. Retrieved from Long, J.D. (2009).EBSCO Publishing. Jainism: An Introduction Account. Merriam-Webster. Concise Encyclopedia. Jainism. Retrieved from Hardy, J. (n.d.). Religion Libray Taoism. Worship and Devotion in Daily Life. Retrieved from Sacks, B. (2014). Modern Jainism: One Of The Fastest Growing Religions Is Changing Tradition. Retrieved from

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