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Structure is a very important aspect of filmmaking. The Classical structure of film
is setup in 3 acts and divides a narrative into 3 parts. Each part unravels and
depicts the storyline for a film. The first act wills establish the main characters,
the world or setting these characters live in and their establish relationships
between characters. The second will begin to rise the action. This will depict the
protagonist attempts to deal with the situation that he/she has been dealt with.
This act will demonstrate the forces of that the antagonist has on the protagonist
and how the audience sees this unravel. The third act is the resolution of the
story. I.E how did the antagonist overcome the force of the antagonist. And how
the answers to the storyline unfolds for the viewer.
Now in modern and independent film making, This three act structure can be
manipulated in a non-linear fashion so that the structure is split up into different
settings, with separate characters and differ goals . The plot does not have to
follow in a chronological way. The climax can be shown first, rather than at the
end of the film. The film can be told in a backwards manner in order to see where
the story has first started from. Plots can now be customized by the filmmaker in
anyway which they wish to depict a story. Most Hollywood big budget films stick

to the classical three act structure, where as the independent film makers might
shy away from the conventional way of film making
"This nonlinear narrative structure defies the conventional rules of plot
construction and breaks apart the standard notion that a film's scenes must
advance in chronological order from opening to climax. Nonlinear film
deconstructs a character, complic...

... middle of paper ...

...ines equally. Much the same way I wish to structure my experimental film
this year. The concept involves two characters in completely different realities.
Both storylines play off each other and come together in the unfolding of the

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