Excessive Racially Based Police Brutality Essay

Excessive Racially Based Police Brutality Essay

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Excessive racially-based police brutality was a huge social issue in the days of the 1950s and 60s during the Civil Rights Movement. An example of this would be the Birmingham Campaign in 1963. Meant to be a peaceful protest in one of the most racially-divided cities at the time, the march led to police using ridiculous forces on the protestors. After arresting thousands, the officials began to use water hoses and attack dogs on the marchers, including bystanders and children. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke of the brutality in his speeches, which brought media coverage and captured the attention of the nation, furthering the spark of the Civil Rights Movement. The media not only helped continue the flare of the movement, but it brought public sympathy towards African Americans and united people of the African-American race. This helped cause the Black Panther Party in 1966, a group meant to challenge excessive force being used by police. The organization wanted to challenge the law enforcement and develop political and economic power within their race. They did this through working with community-based programs to practice self-defense against the police.
Justice and equality was not found completely; racism did not end after the Civil Rights Movement, and neither did the incidents of extreme police force. For instance, in 1991, African American male Rodney King was relentlessly beaten by officers of the Los Angeles police force after a high-speed car chase, when the officers noticed him speeding on the freeway. Rodney had been drinking earlier in the night and was afraid of what the DUI ticket would cost him. Though the officers could have easily arrested him and the passengers on the spot, they instead chose to beat them after...

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...at’s come out of it, women have been looked down upon as the weaker gender. Men have the expectation to be more strong, powerful, and masculine. Racism in terms of the structural functionalist theory is present from singlehandedly focusing on one culture, including its values and morals, to work together and create balance (boundless). Combining these factors and being a white male officer in a structural functionalist society, he will likely have construed views of what his purpose is as a male power role trying to unify his culture to create equilibrium.
This being said, there are functions and dysfunctions of police officers. An example of a latent function of the police force is the protection and prevention of crimes in the society. Police are expected to maintain and organize public procedures and systems. They are expected to preserve life, liberty, and law.

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