Essay about Examination And Treatment Of The Nurse

Essay about Examination And Treatment Of The Nurse

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Upon arriving at scene I correctly identified the patient did not have the ability to consent to examination and treatment due to the extent of the illness so far. This was due to the fact that the CVA had significantly reduced his levels of alertness and consciousness and therefore he was unable to interact with me to able to give consent. In order for me to gain a history of the patient I liaised with the Nurse who was present in the room upon my arrival and asked her all of the relevant history taking questions in order for me to build up a background of the patient; I asked these questions however in potential ear shot of other nursing home residents and nursing home staff which was not appropriate.

When I entered the room where the patient was I identified myself to the Nurse as a Student Paramedic and also introduced my mentor as a qualified Paramedic who was entering the room behind me. Whilst I identified myself as a Student Paramedic which was correct of me I did not ask if the Nurse or the Patient if they were happy for me to examine and treat them; instead I assumed they were okay with this as they did not suggest otherwise which was incorrect of me. Throughout the assessment and treatment I also asked my mentor to carry out procedures or administer medication that I am currently unable to do at my current level in line with current Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) guidelines. This included putting a cannula into the patients arm and administering intravenous (IV) fluids to the patient.

Before entering the Nursing home and then subsequently the patient’s room I completed a dynamic risk assessment checking to ensure that there were no dangers or hazards that could affect both my mentor and me. I ensured...

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...f a CVA and that are ‘Fast Test’ positive that a completion of a hospital pre-alert is a crucial step (Fisher et al. 2013). By ensuring that I communicated to the receiving centre that the patient was fast test positive along with an approximate onset time helped in allowing us to go straight to the CT scanner upon arrival. The process of completing a debrief following a job is important as it allows Paramedics and Student Paramedics to express any concerns and consider the case they have just completed whilst it is still fresh in their mind (Gregory & Ward 2010). It has also been suggested that completing a post case debrief also helps Paramedics to keep on top of their own emotional and mental welfare and that the debrief process; when managed when done within people of the same occupation is the preferred process for the majority of Paramedics (Mildenhall 2013).

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