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Everything Happens For A Reason Essay

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Everything happens for a Reason
Everything happens for a reason at it 's own time at the right time for it 's own reason. Love is a big word and it 's always right to pick the right time to tell someone you love them. Life sometimes gets in the way and makes us think that you love someone because of something they did for you or how they make you feel. As they say "love makes you stupid." Sometimes so stupid you don 't even think before you act. Some people rush into love too quickly they don 't give their self time to understand the relationship.
The department of work office that I work at is specialized for exchanging silver to gold. Lately many people have been exchanging fake silver for gold. My boss noticed that our jewelry reports have been false lately. He had certain people come check our jewelery out and turns out that we’ve been robbed. Every employee in our office was checked. Our fingerprints were taken and everyone was interviews of what they think have happened. Turns out a man that was our customer for five years has been scamming us and our company y has not noticed. When he finally exchanged his silver to the most expensive gold we carry he changed his name and took off to another state. He became rich and opened up his own business. He eventually got caught and was put in jail.
One night some close friends of mine named I Chabod and Abbie were on a mission to put back the box of gold jewelry they mixed up with another box of fake silver in our managers office back at work. The plan was to go back to our managers office and swap the two boxes before he notices. If our Manager notices he misplaced the the real gold he would come to Chabod and Abbie first, since they were told to take the silver one, which wou...

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...sed on what they 're doing at the moment rather than mixing it up with a bunch of other things going on and ruining the plan to begin with. This proves that people can sometimes not think before they act and how love can sometimes mix things up. Love can make people do the impossible but you need to know the right time before acting. Love can always be understood in the wrong ay but that 's normal because love is everywhere and we cannot control our feelings. Always think before you act. If this situation was said a whole different way it could have meant more and been understood in a whole different perspective. Finally I Chabod and Abbie talked things out and decided to remain as just friends. Although I Chabod deep down still has feelings towards her, he 's okay with being friends because he is not willing to give up a strong friendship he spent years to build.

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