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The pencils are then put through a machine that will smooth the wood and then placed in a machine that gives the pencils its color and shiny look. The process of coloring the pencil is done a number of times to make sure it gets the desired color. Not all pencils are colored yellow. For example, most pencils in Germany are green, while in Australia pencils are colored red with black bands. Next, depending on the company, a ferrule is added to one end of the pencil. The ferrule may be glued on or clamped to the end of the pencil. The erasers usually consist of pumice and rubber. Pumice is a type of rock that is found near volcanoes and the rubber comes from trees. Erasers act like magnets by attracting the lead to the eraser; erasers don’t actually remove the pencil mark entirely. This is analogous to snow removal in which the city doesn’t remove the snow but just pushes it near the sidewalk. Not all erasers consists of rubber and pumice, some eraser are made from vinyl, which is a type of durable plastic. (The Great Eraser Caper) Vinyl is a manmade plastic which is also known to be used to make pipes that carry water to people and used to make hardwood floors. Believe it or not some erasers come in different flavors and there are erasers that give off a smell when in use. Some pencils don’t have erasers so instead of a ferrule a dome is placed on the end. In Europe most pencils are made without erasers. The ferrule that is used to hold the eraser is sometimes made from metal like aluminum although some ferrules can be plastic. The pencils are then sharpened and tested for strength. Quality control is important in the manufacturing of pencils and quality assessment is done to minimize the number of defects. The company logo and the...

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