Even with the Danger, El Salvador Is Visited by Many Tourists Essay

Even with the Danger, El Salvador Is Visited by Many Tourists Essay

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El Salvador is a small country with a small population located in Central America. This country has a very large population of 6,297,394 people (countryeconomy.com, 2012). It has an area of 21,040 sq km; for such a small area, it has a very large population (about.com, 2014).
Tourists still visit El Salvador even though it is labeled one of the most dangerous countries in Central America. Its natural beauty such as the volcanoes, the white beaches, and the perfect surfing waves. (about.com, 2014)The perfect Pacific waves attract many tourists each year. There are 20 currently active volcanoes in El Salvador, yet this doesn’t stop people from visiting the beautiful white beaches in El Salvador (VolcanoDiscovery, 2014)
Many natural disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, and mud slides are disasters that are very common, and most of the population is prepared for these type of things (IndexMundi, 2013).
Almost 94% of the population of El Salvador is racially mixed, 5% is made up of
Natives and 1% are Europeans ( U.S. Center for World Mission, 2013).
El Salvador's economy has basically been agricultural; About half of the land is used for crops; corn, rice, beans, and oilseeds are grown; coffee and sugar are the major cash crops. Even though it is the smallest country in Central America, El Salvador has the third largest economy in the region of Central America. The major exports of El Salvador are coffee, sugar, shrimp, textiles, and chemicals. The most active trading partner is the United States (Pearson Education, 2014).

The economy in El Salvador basically depends on agriculture. About half of the land is used for crops; corn, rice, beans, a...

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