Essay on Evaluation of a Theatre Performance

Essay on Evaluation of a Theatre Performance

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This module (THE3000) focused on a group performance, with each individual being assessed on their performance within a chosen role. The process of the module was firstly reading a selection of plays assigned by the module leader. Groups then formed, based on their interests, balance of skills and their willingness to work with a certain text. Once the groups became existent we re-read the text chosen and discussed our opinions on various issues relevant to contemporary theatre and the aesthetics surrounding the production of the text. As an ensemble we chose Christopher Durang’s play, Betty’s Summer Vacation, initially because we all enjoyed the humorous satirical elements of the play, however as our discussion progressed we started to discover and develop our ideas so as to give them more depth.
When pitching for Christopher Durang’s, Betty’s Summer Vacation we looked into the text in great detail and thought about way in which it could be staged, we considered the staging through a directors eye as well as a designer and actor. As an ensemble we thought this was necessary to do in order to gather all vital information needed for a successful proposal and pitch.
After successfully completing this, it was here where each individual was assigned a specific role or job. In a production meeting, we voiced our chosen roles and spoke of why we felt we could execute it well. My strongest role has always been visible through costume and working within a costume team.

For this year’s production I chose to take on a bigger responsibility within the group rather than simply just performing. I felt it would offer a new challenge and give me a greater sense of confidence in understanding the importance of my job. ...

... middle of paper ...

...ob that involves pressure and a sense of responsibility. I have learnt the importance of working with other members of the team, as if this relationship between the two is bad, it could have a major impact on the developments of the play. I have also learnt to voice my opinions, and not be scared of it not being good or ‘useful’. If everyone felt like that no ideas would be formed so any idea can be modified or developed to create something successful.

In regards to my aims, I certainly feel I did achieve my goal of coping with the demands and pressures of the job at hand. I feel I worked well with my fellow students, in assisting them if they needed help and also approaching the stage managers and cast to get feedback on my designs. I also feel I worked very strongly on a very small budget, at times having to create something from very little.

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