The Ethics Of Human Nature Essay

The Ethics Of Human Nature Essay

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In my opinion, the base of human nature is to find the limit of what is acceptable socialy and moraly. When this line in the sand of what is acceptable is known, people generally do one of four things. They will agree with it and accept the limit as it stands, disagree with it and push the limit of what is acceptable to challenge the validity of what is currently acceptable, be curious and test the line to see where it truly lies, or understand the limit and think of a way to crossing the line without punishment. The power of human nature to destroy stems from the last of these, but not everything in this group is this way. If this is a passing thought, then it isn’t necessarily destructive. However, if you obsess about this idea of crossing a line that you understand is morally sound, and trying to avoid the punishment for violating this limit, to the point where you become single-minded or even consumed by this thought and believe you can only be freed from this thought by acting upon it, this is where the power of human nature becomes destructive. Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Tell-Tal...

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