The Ethics Of Designer Babies Essay

The Ethics Of Designer Babies Essay

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Could you imagine your parents designing you? Picture your parents being able to go into a room and design you just like that. They could choose what you would look like, be like, and even what abilities you may have. It sounds crazy, but science is advancing and soon this will be possible, that is, if we allow it.
A designer baby is a child who is genetically modified for the purpose of removing any defects that are genetically linked, and/or to select certain genes that appeal to the parents. This process of creating designer babies is called genetic engineering. Genetic engineering is the alteration of DNA by adding and/or removing certain genes. Since the discovery of human genetic modification, scientists have proposed the idea of making designer babies. With human genetic engineering, parents will be able to design their child. (“The Ethics of Designer Babies”)
In this procedure the parents will be able to choose the child’s personality, talents, and physical traits. By the alteration of DNA, scientists and doctors will be able to eliminate diseases and please parents with desired traits in their designer baby. Although human genetic modification can have a positive outcome, such as eliminating certain diseases, there are many reasons why creating designer babies would be detrimental and for most even morally wrong. There are three main arguments that will be proposed in this essay. Human genetic modification is very expensive (inequality), it weakens uniqueness and diversity (robots), and can be dangerous.
Initially, creating “designer babies” is not ideal because human genetic engineering is expensive. Parents who desire to design their child would have to pay great amounts of money, up to $100,000. For example, pre...

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...o devastating results which can harm a lot of people. Therefore, I strongly believe that we shouldn 't put our children and the generations to come at risk. One mistake and it could lead to a lot of consequences. Human genetic modification can be dangerous to humans, so why risk it?
To conclude, human genetic modification shouldn 't be allowed because it is very expensive, it we can diverse city and uniqueness, and is interested humanity. Human genetic modification can cost us thousands and still be dangerous, and it lessons individuality. We must fight against this modification of humans because it has more risks and benefits. It isn 't what we should be doing, our world can 't turn into a world that wants to make everyone "perfect". We should embrace our uniqueness and we should be able to control our own lives, not have it planned out for us through modification.

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