Essay about Ethics Code And Ethical Codes

Essay about Ethics Code And Ethical Codes

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Either the therapist was unethical for crossing boundaries or he acted within the ethical codes and did not cross boundaries with his supervisees. The therapist may have shown immoral behaviors that would seem unethical to some, however was he really unethical for having multiple relationships with his supervisees. When a therapist crosses certain relationship boundaries, their behavior is questioned on the basis of ethics. It questions how effective the relationship may be in the workplace and whether or not it can cause harm or possibly exploitation towards employees. All situations considered, I do not believe that Joe the psychodynamic therapist acted unethically in his workplace, he may not have acted as professional as he could have but he acted within the ethics code.
According to APA (2010) ethics code 3.05a/3, states that multiple relationships in the work place are not advisable and therapist should refrain from having them. It could jeopardize the effectiveness of the relationship with those involved and could cause harm or could result in exploitive relationships. This code would be applied against Joe for having multiple relationship however, it also does completely apply to him. Joe may have had multiple relationships but the code also states that if these multiple relationships do not cause harm or exploitation they are not considered unethical. With the information that is provided it is not evident that the relationships Joe has had are harmful or exploitive, none of his supervisees had claims of harmfulness or being exploited by joe. Under these circumstances could Joe be considered an unethical therapist?
A counterargument might be that Joe should not be living with his supervisees, especially because he admitt...

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...nterarguments, the therapist Joe acted within the Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct standards set by American Psychology Association. Although to some, Joe may seem to have act unprofessional and immoral even, still it is hard to set aside the bias of our beliefs and acknowledge that Joe considering all aspects of this case acted within the code of ethics. Joe was advised against his acts and still he was unwilling to change in response he lost his job. I believe that Joe may have crossed some boundaries but he maintained the code of ethics so he did not act unethically and should not have lost his job because no one was harmed or seem to have been exploited. The real conflict with the code of ethics is whether the people involved are harmed or exploited and in this case based on my personal experience with Joe, he stayed within code standards.

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