The Ethical Treatment Of Animals Essay

The Ethical Treatment Of Animals Essay

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In the discussion of using animals for medical training in the military, one controversial issue has been whether the use of these animals is necessary. On the one hand, military officials have argued that completely getting rid of these animals would result in more battlefield deaths. On the other hand, some would argue that because the treatment of these animals is cruel and unethical, and there are other alternatives to using these animals, there is no need for the military to harm and potentially kill them. Nevertheless, dismembering and stabbing animals intentionally, is morally and ethically wrong.
For years, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has gotten several calls from people stating that the United States military is abusing animals during their survival skills training. The military purchases over 10,000 of these animals for the intent of killing them, rather than hunting them in the wild. During live combat training, pigs and goats are deliberately stabbed, shot, dismembered, and amputated. After this treatment, the animals are then euthanized. Unfortunately, because the military is not classified as either a research facility or animal dealer, these animals are not protected under any kind of animal cruelty law. However, if these same animals were to be used in some kind of research lab for experiments, they would be protected under a various amount of laws.
To begin with, the treatment of these farm animals is cruel and ethically wrong. According to the Human Society of the United States, “during live combat training, traumatic injuries are inflicted on the animals and then military personnel (including medics, corpsmen and Infantry) attempt to quickly perform patient-stabilizing procedures, su...

... middle of paper ... general anesthesia before the procedures and euthanized after, they do not die in vain. Michael Bailey, a former Army combat medic says that using a goat compared to a simulator, “provides more of a sense of urgency that only a real life trauma can provide.” (Londono 1)
Although he did say that when he used the mannequins in other courses, it turned out to be extremely effective.
Overall, the treatment of these farm animals goes way beyond the word ‘abuse.’ They are maliciously tortured, tormented, and then ultimately killed in the end. Many see our fallen war heroes and those who defend our country. But, the nonhuman casualties in war, the animals who are poisoned, shot, and killed, are never acknowledged. If this cruel persecution is not put to a stop soon, more and more of these innocent farm animals will suffer and die at the hands of our military personnel.

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