Essay on The Ethical Theory Of Ethical Relativism

Essay on The Ethical Theory Of Ethical Relativism

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Many seem to have falling prey to the seduction of ethical relativism, because it plays in to their ethnocentric egoistic moral belief. Individuals such as Pojman are able to critically evaluate this moral principle and not fall victim like his or hers lay counter parts. We will attempt to analyze the theory of ethical relativism, by check the validity of this ethical theory, and evaluate its ethical concepts. With these procedures we will find if it is competent as an ethical principle to adhere by. Then evaluate Louis Pojman critique on ethical relativism and analyze does he successfully refute relativism position. We will also analyze objectivism; the ethical theory which Pojman erects in the place of ethical relativism.
However, before begin we must note what are some of the must agree upon traits of a competent ethical principle. So we most evaluate each ethical principle being presented in this essay. The first is Prescriptivity; this trait is the ability to guide actions, nature of morality. This trait is used to assign praise and blame. Also, are used to provide feelings contentment and guilt (Fieser 7). Some of these principle are generally put forth as commands or imperatives (Fieser 7). Many may know this as, do not kill, do no unnecessary harm, and love you neighbor (Fieser 7). Most people and religions use these to advise others and influence actions (Fieser 7). A great example of prescriptivity is the Ten Commandments, this puts forth a list of permisble and umpermisible actions. The next is universalizability: “moral principles must apply to all people who are in a relevantly similar situations” (Fieser 7). This trait would best be manifested in the Golden Rule, “Do to others what you would want them to ...

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... varies accordingly (Fieser 45).
Pojman notes that relativists try to take it a step further through the indeterminacy thesis of translation (Fieser 45). Relativists imply that due to the simple fact that there exist radical differences in languages, that it is impossible to translate ethical principles cross-culturally (Fieser 45). Pojman would agree that relativists did not fully analysis the indeterminacy thesis of translation. Their premise is flawed in many ways; relativists seemed to have over looked refugees, asylum-seekers, sojourners and other immigrants who move into other societies that are opposite from their own. They all manage to learn the ethical principles of the land they have migrated to (Fieser 45). This supportive thesis is easily debunked and does not contains most of the ethical traits and falls short of the ethical principle assessment.

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Essay The Ethical Theory Of Ethical Relativism

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