The Ethical Dilemma Of A Christian Worldview Perspective Essay

The Ethical Dilemma Of A Christian Worldview Perspective Essay

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Ethical Dilemmas
The first definition of ethical in the dictionary is “pertaining to, or dealing with morals or the principles of morality; pertaining to right and wrong in conduct.” The first definition Dilemma is defined as “a situation requiring a choice between equally undesirable alternatives.” Using these two definitions, an ethical dilemma can be defined as when a person has to choose a decision that goes against one’s morals. One alternative may have a negative impact on one’s life or another person’s life. Another alternative may be an excellent choice for one person but may have negative impacts as well. Therefore, an ethical dilemma often puts ones morals and values into question. This paper will review a case study of euthanasia, determine a resolution, compare, and evaluate the dilemma from a Christian worldview perspective.
Ethical Dilemma- Euthanasia
The case study chosen is about euthanasia also known as doctor assisted suicide or mercy killing of a young woman named Joni, whose life had been completely changed since she dove into shallow water and fractured her vertebrae. She was left a quadriplegic and could no longer accomplish the activities she was used to doing, such as walking, swimming, and eating. Joni became severely depressed and sought to end her life. She requested to be euthanized.
The reason it is complicated to choose an ethical decision according to the Christian worldview is that Joni’s life is a gift from God and He would not want anyone to die in an unnatural way, such as euthanasia. Joni’s family might be grateful that she is still living and believe that is also a gift from God since she did not perish in the accident.
There are two options in this pronouncement, let Joni end her life or l...

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...iew, Joni’s life would not be forfeit so if we compare this decision to the opposite decision then there is a world of difference. Joni would be dead. Her family and friends would be sad. Her suicide may bring them away from God. Her life would have ended prematurely.
An ethical dilemma is where one has to choose a morally wrong decision. The decision in this case was whether Joni should forfeit her life or keep on living. In the Christian worldview perspective, she kept on living. As resolved from a Christian perspective, Joni was made as comfortable as possible and spoke with Christian ministers to help her come to terms with her disabled life and live the rest of her life to the fullest possible extent. The wish is that Joni finds peace with her life and a new purpose for herself. If she had died, the consequences could turn other people away from God.

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