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BERINGER: CALIFORNIAN WINE EXPERT IN CHINA HOUSE. By GB Bajaj. stylefluid The highly popular Californian wine brands from Napa Valley, Beringer and Stags Leap arranged a wine tasting at China House, Grand Hyatt, Mumbai for the select few as they have launched in India with Aspri Spirits, one of the leading importers and distributors of premium wines and Spirits in India. Beringer is the oldest and continually operated winery in Napa Valley since 1876. GB Bajaj with Nicole Carter, Regional Business Director-Asia of Beringer and Stags Leap. China House is known for its superb cuisine experience, portraying luxurious warmth with engrossing interiors and interactive Chinese kitchens with private dining spaces and a lounge to unwind after a delicious meal. We were fortunate to have Nicole Carter, Regional Business Director-Asia of Beringer and Stags Leap, who spoke about the company and a guided tasting of the wines and accompanied us were the wine gurus and wine experts from Bombay, Mr. Aneesh Bhasin and Mr. Bhisham Mansukhani. Due to the favorable weather conditions, Nicole mentioned, the wines from Beringer and Stags Leap are perfectly bold flavored and “full body wines” and the two wine variants introduced in the Indian market are “well-balanced with good acidity” to pair with all kinds of Indian food. Beringer produces six million cases of wines a year with 94 per cent of it is sold in the US itself, balance six per cent sold in other markets, certainly been the benchmark producer of quality wines. Beringer wine uses a blend of traditional old aged preparation process with modern state of art technology to create the perfect wine, with distinctive characteristics and fabulous aromas. Opp. Seated: Mr. Aneesh B... ... middle of paper ... bodied and very refreshing with a lovely gold color for a Sauvignon Blanc. Stag’s Leap Chardonnay 2008 Just my type of wine, medium bodied wine with aroma of honeysuckle greeting the nose first, followed by aromas of peach, lemon vanilla cream, pear and caramel with some vanilla at the finish and strong acidity. Best combo of fruit and oak with light golden color creating a dry taste on the palate but vivacious. Stags Leap wine are known for their aromas packed with floral and fresh fruit flavors having a rich legacy and very well known are Stags Leap Cabernet Sauvignon, Stags Leap Viogner, Stags Leap Merlot and Stags Leap Chardonnay. Beringer has acquired the art of capturing the history of Napa Valley and of its own thoroughly in its own wines and an opportunity for the world, to taste its fabulous and exceptional wines, truly an epitome of Napa Valley.

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