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Segregation is a division between humans based upon certain social indicators, such as race or ethnicity. However, this concept was renewed and demonstrated for a particular purpose when White Americans exploited this concept to make African Americans inferior in order to preserve their own dominance. This remained the consistent barrier for African Americans when their access to public facilities and facilities like education, employment, transportation, medical care, and housing were restricted due to their ethnographic segregation. Even going beyond, the Whites were not ready to mix with African American communities nor to live with them. Suffocated by this inequality, the African American community resisted longer eradicating segregation and the most notable figures who first raised slogans against segregation were Martin Luther king Jr. and Rosa Parks. This paper seeks to demonstrate how Martin Luther and Rosa Parks influenced people, places and environment for driving them to end segregation. For the same reason, this paper will use the theme of "people, places and environments" and will show how this theme is relevant to the struggles of Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks against segregation.
The contributions made by Martin Luther King Jr. to end segregation led the people for encouraging diversity and drove them to live with harmony in different places and environments without discriminating between Whites and Blacks. This also reflects American history when a consistent conflict is seen between these two big ethnic groups in the country. The historical analysis of past events helps to identify changes brought about by Martin Luther during this struggle to transform segregation into diversity. This caused significant c...

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...segregation. I would then intertwine the theme of people, places and environments in the remaining time. I would use various activities to enhance the knowledge of the students on the matter, including group work and homework. Moreover, I will use pictorial materials from the past, such as newspaper cuttings, and video clips to visualize the King’s and Rosa’s anti segregation activities.
The importance of this topic is that students learn the connection between decisions and results of the decisions. Students then understand better the different views on the historical events and understand the differences between people, cultures, and values because of the insight of these past events. Students can build interpretations that recreate the past and use their understanding and knowledge of historical events to make decisions and choices in the present.
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