Rosa Parks Impact

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What effect did Rosa Parks have on the development of civil rights for African Americans? Rosa Parks was a strong influence in the civil rights movement by standing up against racism and bringing new light to inequality and segregation. On December 1st, 1955, Rosa Parks, an African American woman was sitting in the front of a bus in Montgomery Alabama. A white person got on the bus and wanted her seat. Back then with the “separate but equal” laws going on in the south, it was required that she give her seat up to the white person and move to the back. However Rosa refused to give her seat up as a protest against the unfair Jim Crow laws. Rosa was arrested for her protest, but her stand against the laws was heard all the way around Alabama…show more content…
during the Reconstruction of the South after the Civil War ended Jim Crow laws were established that stated that African Americans must be treated separate but equal. this created segregation in schools public places and public transportation. The segregated sides for the African Americans We're always worse than the sides for the white people. The schools for the African Americans were in bad condition. the school supplies were in bad condition. public places for African Americans we're in bad condition and white people always had first say in transportation.Rosa Parks and other African Americans wanted segregation to end even though they didn't necessarily like the way they were being treated by the white people. they especially wanted segregation to end in schools so that their children did not have to grow up being separate from white children. they hoped that by the time their children grew up segregation would be over and African Americans and white people would get along. Rosa Parks stood up against segregation by not moving to the back of the bus when the white person told her to. her protests led to the end of segregation in the buses in Alabama and eventually to the end of segregation in the
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