weed wars

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The legalization of marijuana has been a topic at the forefront of debate in the country at both a state and federal level for many decades. The arguments for both sides are well known and have been for an incredibly long time. It seems as if the conservative mindset toward the illegality of marijuana has begun to shift in more recent years with many states decriminalizing the narcotic and a few even making its usage fully legal. The states that have decriminalized marijuana as well as made marijuana completely legal need to be studied to the utmost extent as to learn what does and does not work. Such as what affect does it have on individuals, their families, communities and the law enforcement system as a whole. The logistics of the state and federal government flipping a switch and making marijuana illegal one day and legal the next is simply inconceivable. However, the legalization of medical marijuana and recreational marijuana over an extenuated period of time could prove to be beneficial. The key to the legalization of marijuana is extending the process out over length period of time. Outdated laws that harm the individual and their families must be replaced, the financial burdens placed on the state and federal governments will be removed and replaced with fiscal growth, the complications that stem from marijuana related arrests will be eradicated, and the betterment of individuals, their communities and the nation at large will replace bygone conservative dogma. The purpose of this proposal is to make a meaningful and effective change to illegality of marijuana and to designate a plan that outline the way this will be done and the expected outcome as such. The legalization of marijuana is necessary to facilitate ... ... middle of paper ... ...recreational use. The possibility of jobs being created in addition to the tax revenue is a viable option as the legalization of marijuana could create the next major cash crop found in American agriculture. American is one of the only industrialized nations in the work that does not allow the growing of hemp. By allowing the legalization of marijuana and the growing of hemp and the creation of hemp based products in American it could create a large new job market. In Colorado alone since the legalization it is estimated that near 7,500-10,000 new jobs have been created in the industry. If that number could be translated on to the nation stage, tentatively the possibly of 375,000 to 500,000 new jobs could be created, now that number is incredibly high, even a quarter of it would be a significant increase in Americans moving from unemployment to employment.
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