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My original plate was inoculated by what I was hoping to be bacteria from my son’s toothbrush holder. I chose to use the toothbrush holder mainly due to the fact that I feel that toothbrush holders are very disgusting. I mean, you brush your teeth then all the water from your toothbrush sets in the bottom of the toothbrush holder where the handle of your toothbrush sits. It’s stinky and slimy, but my son feels like he just has to have one sitting on the counter top in the bathroom which, by the way, is just inches from the toilet. Sadly, shortly into the testing process, my bacteria turned out to be a fungus. Per instructor’s order, I borrowed from Abbrah Snodgrass who used the television remote from her boyfriend’s house who, by the way, is a bachelor. This just might get a little interesting. I then started my process of trying to find out if I did, in fact, have bacteria and inoculated a new plate. Abbrah states that she used her boyfriend’s remote because she felt that it would be interesting to find out just what was lurking around on it.
One of the most important biochemical test performed was to identify whether or not my bacteria was gram-positive or gram-negative, if the cell shape was bacillus or cocci and if it was a endospore or not, this would be the gram staining test which was one of the major test that was performed in the beginning. Gram staining was done under a microscope and had to be performed several different times to make sure the results came out the same. As stated by my instructor, my bacteria is not an endospore and is not acid fast but did turn out to be a gram-positive, bacillus. Another important biochemical test that was performed was to find out if my bacteria could survive with or witho...

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... what my bacteria were which was Corynebacterium xerosis.
Corynebacterium xerosis is common bacteria found on the skin of humans but rarely causes any kind of infection. This bacteria usually only becomes a problem in someone that has a compromised immune system such as with patients with blood disorders, whom have had bone marrow transplants and with an intravenous catheters. They are usually secondary infections. The most common kinds of infection include endocarditis, bacteremia, skin infections and some other illnesses such pharyngitis and pneumonia.
My bacteria made perfect sense. While using the remote, you are touching it with the skin of your hands and whatever other body part that you lay it down on. Corynebacterium xerosis is a very common bacterium that is found on the skin, so yes it makes sense, but that doesn’t mean I like the fact that it is there.
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